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Welcome to the Lower North Shore Multiple Birth Association (LNSMBA) community.

The LNSMBA provides support and assistance to families of multiples, from twins to triplets to any size 'tuplets'.  

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The LNSMBA provides support from 'those who know'.

The LNSMBA is run by parents of multiples who volunteer their time to help expectant and new parents of multiples, as it is these parents who have gone through the same experience and fully understand the challenges and rewards (yes there are rewards!) of being a parent of multiples.

The LNSMBA provides a variety of forums and opportunities for seasoned parents of multiples to get together as an ongoing support network. Being a parent of multiples continues to be unique in experiences of which, sometimes only parents of multiples can truly appreciate.

Our members live over an area on the northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that roughly spans the area of Mosman to North Sydney to St Ives and Ryde. To see if you live within the LNSMBA area, please check our Local Area Map
Please note, however, that you do not have to live within the LNSMBA Area to join, everyone is welcome. We would love for you to join the LNSMBA community.  




We asked our parents of multiples...
...if you could go back to
before your babies were born,
what would you tell yourself?