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We would love for you to join us

Membership is open to expectant, new and seasoned parents of multiples and families of multiples.

JoinNow     Please click here to apply for a new membership or renew an existiing 

    We are currently testing a new membership database. If you do not hear from us within 48                                              hours of joining, please email


Membership Type                        New Member       Existing Member
  School-aged Multiples
Renewal *
Expiration 30/6/2020 $60   $50   $35      
Expiration 30/6/2021 $100   $90   $70      

 LNSMBA has introduced a new membership renewal. The Digital Membership Renewal ** 
Expiration 31/6/2020 and renewal fee is $10.


*  School-aged Multiples Renewal is for families with multiples attending school
** Digital Membership Renewal is for full members who move out of the area and want to remain connected with LNSMBA. These members are entitled to access LNSMBA social media groups/forums and receive LNSMBA's newsletters. 

If you have any membership enquiries, please email 


Already a member with another club in Australia? Did you know you can transfer your membership (including partial payment) to LNSMBA. And also transfer out if you are moving away from the area. Email .